August 13, 14 & 15 2021

Exhibitor Categories

No Woodsmen Competition this year
Events are Crosscut, Powersaw, Log Drag, Axe Throw, Run-Cut-Split and Kettle Boil
Points are 5 for first place, 4 for second, 3 points for third, 2 points for fourth, 1 point for fifth and zero points for sixth
Team with the most points wins overall.
Prize money will be per point $4/point
6 teams of 2 competitors
- Power saw provided, only amateur equipment eligible except the throwing axe may be a professional model.
The competition will be run with teams of two (2) participating. Each team member must compete in at least one of the events. The team with the highest point total out of a possible 800 points will be the winner.
Three complete discs will be cut from the squared 8" X 8". The saw will be placed on the ground running. At a given signal, the competitor will pick up the saw and saw two (2) complete cookies. The contestant will saw the third cookie halfway through and then on a signal from the judge, the competitor must cut the rest of the cookie off from the opposite direction so the top and bottom cuts meet.
The axe must have at least a 1Kg head, with handle at least 60cm long (measured from the top of the axe head). Each contestant will have two practice throws. Scoring is totalled from four subsequent throws (Bulls eye 25 points, second circle 15 points, third circle 10 points, fourth circle 5 points).
A 4' piece of pulpwood weighing approximately 30 lbs. will be used. Pulp hooks may be used in this event. A running start to the line will be allowed. The distance will be measured from the start line to the nearest point of contact with the ground. Two throws will be allowed. The furthest of the two will be considered as score.
Each member of the team will make two (2) cuts of the squared timber 6" X 6". The time will start with the Judge's signal and stop when the second cookie hits the ground.
5 QUARTER SPLIT (Run, Cut and Split)
This is a two-man, timed event. At the start, one team member runs to a spot 30 feet away and grabs the stick of wood. Then running back to the sawhorse, the stick is sawed in half with a buck saw. The stick has a 2" dot on each end. Once in two pieces, the first man splits the dot in 4 separate pieces the length of the bolt of wood. Upon finishing, the second member splits the second dot into 4 separate pieces the length of the bolt of wood, finishing the event. The wood is a piece of poplar about 36" long with a dot on each end. A mark will indicate the middle of the stick as the area to be cut with the saw. The wood can be touched by the hands but not while there is any actual splitting going on. (We do not want to loose any fingers!) The second splitter must signal when they feel they have finished.
The object of this event is for two team members to split a block of cedar, light a fire using this wood, and boil a mixture of soap and water in the shortest possible time. Competitors must supply their own axe. The block of cedar, three (3) matches and a can of soapy water will be provided. Two (2) cookies may be used; one as a splitting platform and one for the fire. Total time is taken from the starting signal, until the water begins to run down the outside of the can. At a central location competitors will be able to obtain on additional can of water if they spill their original can. Competitors will be able to obtain additional three (3) matches at a time from the same central location. Time limit on this event will be 15 minutes.
The object of this event will be to make two (2) complete cuts from a squared 6" X 6". The time will be taken from the starting signal until the second cookie hits the ground.
Two team members participating. Log must be pulled 100 feet by both members. One person at the starting line while the other is at the log. Once choker is on log, members must keep both hands on pull handle until entire log is across finish line.
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