August 13 - 16 2020

Exhibitor Categories

Tough Farmer Competition


  • Teams will consist of 1 man and 1 woman
  • Entry fee is $10 per team
  • Test your skills in strength, speed and strategy against the other teams
  • Come out, have fun and a lot of laughs

If you want to enter this year's Tough Farmer Competition or want more information, contact the Director, Jennifer Gregan at (506)228-1905.

Events & Rules

Event #1 - Blindfolded Wet Potato

  • Timed Event
  • Each partner participates
  • Team chooses who will be blindfolded and who will be giving direction
  • One partner will give direction to their blindfolded partner to the "Wet Potato"
  • First person to their wet potato and presenting it to the crowd wins

Event #2 - 3 Legged Sac Race

  • Distance Event
  • Each partner participates
  • Each team will be tied together as a three legged race.
  • Starting at the start line, each team will race tot he finish line, pausing in the middle to pull up the sac which their tied legs will go into, and then continue on hoping in the sac to the finish line.

Event #3 - Round Bail Roll

  • Timed Event
  • Each partner participates
  • Teams will push the round bail through the obstacle course.

Event #4 - Scrambled Egg Toss

  • Each partner participates
  • One partner tosses an egg and the other partner tries to catch the egg in the frying pan they are holding
  • The team with the most yolks caught in the frying pan will win, eggs have to be cracked in order to count the yolks

Event #5 - Wheel Barrel Race

  • Timed Event
  • Each partner participates
  • One partner pushes the other through an obstacle course
  • The partner in the wheel barrel will have to pick up items and place them in the wheel barrel
  • The partner in the wheel barrel cannot receive any help from the partner pushing
  • Together, they must complete the obstacle race to the finish line

Event #6 - Double Bagger Sac Race

  • First across the finish line
  • One partner participates
  • All teams complete together from the start to the finish line
  • Each competitor gets in their sac at the start line
  • At the half-way point, they will place another sac over the one they are in and continue to the finish line
  • First person across the finish line is the winner

Points System for Each Event

1st - 10 Points
2nd - 8 Points
3rd - 5 Points
4th - 4 Points
5th - 3 Points
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